The Apollo template is fully responsive for screens of all shapes and sizes and features a centered top navigation menu and an eye-catching Hero section on each page. All images, text, and colors will be personalized to suit you and your business need prior to publishing. Click on the link above for a live preview of the Ajax Template.

Ajax features a top navigation bar with a right justified navigation menu. This template is fully responsive for all screen sizes and includes a Hero section with a nice translucent callout on each page. Click on the link above for a live preview of the Ajax Template.

Perseus’s dark theme adds an air of serious professionalism to your site. Image blocks are aesthetically pleasing to your visitor’s while providing useful information about your business. Click on the link above for a live preview of the Perseus template.

Mentor’s clean professional look works well in any business setting, healthcare, law practice, you name it Mentor has got you covered!

Similar in design to Mentor, Phaedre adds a hero section with an hours block and a smaller top menu that is only visible on larger screen sizes. The main navigation menu collapses for navigation on smaller screen sizes. Click on the link above for a live preview of the Phaedre template.

Icarus lends itself perfectly to photography and artist portfolios where the focus is on the images and not on the text. Icarus is primarily a single page site with the art categories displayed in a beautiful overlay effect. Click on the link above for a live preview of the Icarus template.

Aphrodite is simple, edgy, clean, and beautiful. This template can be customized to work for any business or project but lends itself nicely to art portfolios. Click on the link above for a live preview of Aphrodite.

Adonis is a nice one page site, although additional pages could be added, that can be used for any type of business.

We would be happy to customize this template to meet the needs of your special union and day! Contact us today to see how affordable and easy a wedding website can be!

Bahia will give your hotel, motel, restaurant, pub, or any other type of hospitality business a fresh, clean look.

Do you run a fashion or health publication? Maybe a travel agency? Gloss has an exotic but clean feel with containers embellished with drop shadows to give them a three dimensional look and feel.

KitKat is the perfect template for a pet adoption agency or foster care provider, or even for animal breeders who wish to get their puppies or kittens noticed.

Are you looking for an eye catching website that features your art or photography? Look no further than Shutterbug! This template has a minimalistic overlay that allows your art to shine through.

Do you need a website for your spiritual organization or business? Spiritual has got you covered with its calming visual theme that can be customized for any business but works particularly well for churches, yoga studios, and mindfulness spaces.

The Coast works well for any restaurant, pub, smoothie kiosk, or any business where you want your menu and professional images of your wares to do the talking.

The fresh look of Visions lends itself well to nearly any type of business. Visions, like all of our websites, is completely responsive for screens of all sizes.

Krauss is a great portfolio site template that can be used to showcase photography, paintings, web designs, etc. Contact us today to see how we can customize Krauss for you today!

The Holker template is great for architects and builders of any kind. Call us to see how Holker can work for your business today!

Kiro is a beautiful template for any type of artist, but can be used for any type of business. Contact us to see how Kiro can work for your business!

Are you planning a festival or event? This template can be modified to work for a rock festival, scrapbooking conference, or any other type of event you can think of.

Do you build computers, run a technology consulting firm, or other type of business where a landing page website is the best way to grab the attention of your audience? Look no further than Technologic.

Tera is another simplistic and highly technical template that lends itself to any technical or artistic service or business.

Save The Planet is a beautifully laid out site design that lends itself well to any business, hobby, or cause.

Do you make and sell, or just sell furniture? If the answer is yes, you need the Furns template now. Contact us to see how Furns can benefit your business today!

More templates added often!

Click on the images below to open a demo site in a new window.


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