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Shared Hosting

Low Cost
Low Technical Skills Required
Perfect for personal websites, blogs, photo galleries, and small to medium sized businesses.

Shared Hosting Features

Easy to use site builder
Simple application installer for installing applications like WordPress or Moodle
100 email accounts at your custom domain
And so much more!
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Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Additional Functionality for Tech Savvy Admins
Fewer sites are hosted per server ensuring ample resources for all
Perfect for businesses with scheduled scripting requirements.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Features

Unlimited email accounts at your custom domain
PostgreSQL Databases
More SSL Hosts
Higher CPU Usage
And so much more!
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Dedicated Hosting

Your website hosted on a single server with dedicated resources.
Customizable functionality, such as choice of installed control panel.
Full root access.

Dedicated Hosting Features

Free and paid add-ons
Gbit network adapters
Website Migration
And so much more!
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Looking for web hosting for your personal blog, artwork portfolio, or medium to large sized company? We have solutions to fit every need and budget! 

Shared hosting packages cut down on costs by sharing resources like bandwidth and processing power amongst several websites (don’t worry, your site files themselves will not be shared). The majority of website owners will find that one of our shared hosting packages will meet their needs just fine. 

Semi-dedicated hosting provides more dedicated resources to each individual website while still sharing some of the load between sites. This type of hosting provides some additional features for more tech savvy users.

Dedicated hosting means that bandwidth, disk space, and processing power will be allocated and dedicated specifically to your website and files. This type of hosting provides the most flexibility and included tools. 

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